Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on Wednesday ruled out deliberations on reshuffle of his Cabinet following the resignation of Minister for Forests, Sports, and Cinema K.B. Ganesh Kumar.

“There will be no discussions or decisions immediately,” the Chief Minister told the media after a meeting of the Cabinet.

Mr. Chandy said Mr. Ganesh Kumar himself had offered to resign following filing of complaint by his wife, Yamini Thankachi, against him. He had referred her complaint to the State Police Chief for action within 10 minutes of receiving it.

He recalled that when the family dispute between Mr. Ganesh Kumar and his wife came before him, his attempt was to settle it instead of intensifying it. This was his policy in all similar matters even if such a move caused difficulties to him.

However, when he had to act legally on a petition by his wife, he did not delay matters but allowed law to take its course.

He said Ms. Thankachi herself had corrected her statement that he had cheated her regarding the settlement with her husband. She had said that she said so because of her sudden disappointment.

The Chief Minister said the Opposition was deliberately disrupting the sitting of the Assembly on Wednesday.


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