The head of the Sri Raghavendra Math at Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh, Sri Suyateendra Tirtha, on Tuesday handed over the administration of the math to junior seer Sri Subudhendra Tirtha by giving him a General Power of Attorney.

Sri Subudhendra Tirtha was appointed as successor by Sri Suyateendra Tirtha last year.

Administration of Raghavendra Math, including all branch maths, educational institutions, lodges, auditoriums and other properties as well as all committees functioning under the math, will henceforth be under the junior seer. He will also have the power to sign and issue cheques.

“Sri Suyateendra Tirtha wanted to devote his time to worshiping and serving Lord Sri Rama,” Sri Suyameendracharya, additional personal secretary to the head of the Mantralayam Math, said in a statement.

He appealed to disciples, devotees and well-wishers to cooperate with the junior seer.


Senior seer of Mantralayam math passes awayMarch 21, 2014

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