“Hame khuda ke oopar bharosa tha ki hamara bhai jail se choot ke aayenge, aur abhi vaisa hi hua”, (We had total faith in God that our brother will be released from jail soon and that is what has happened now). This is what one of the brothers of Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui said on hearing about the court’s order to release him.

Mr. Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui’s family, which lives in a small house near Bandiwad Base in Hubli, was overjoyed on Saturday on hearing about the court’s order on his release.

“Insha Allah! Ab woh Monday ko bahar aa jayenge”, said Abdur Rahman, elder brother of Mr. Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui.

He told The Hindu that they had never lost faith in the almighty because they knew that their brother was not guilty. “He is a true Hindustani, and a good journalist. We could never think that he could do anything that was against the nation”, said Mr. Abdur Rahman.

Mr. Abdur Rahman and one of his brothers run a perfume shop near Jamia Mosque near Bandiwad Base, while their eldest brother, Atha-ur-Rahman, works in Dubai. One of their sisters, Zakira Khatun, lives with them in the small house they own.

In fact, Mr. Atha-ur-Rahman wanted to discuss the issue of getting their small house renovated with Mr. Muthi-ur-Rahman before he left for Dubai. But the latter was arrested in August 2012 on charge of having terror links. Since then the family was hoping that he would be absolved of all the charges and return home.

“We were hopeful that he will come clear of the charges. And the Almighty has once again shown that he will punish only those who do wrong things and protect those who are good”, Mr. Abdur Rahman told The Hindu.

‘Support gave strength’

The last five months have been difficult for the family but the confidence reposed by friends and neighbours that Mr. Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui would be released soon gave them strength. “Our friends and neighbours kept visiting us thereby giving us strength to face the hardships. Finally, justice has been done”, he said.