Heavy rainfall in the catchment area of the Kapila in Wayanad district of Kerala has increased the inflow into Kabini reservoir at H.D. Kote. Authorities have issued flood warning.

The rate of inflow was over 50,000 cusecs by Thursday evening, and since the reservoir level stood at 2282.95 ft against the full reservoir level of 2284 ft, outflow was also increased. People in the low-lying area in the downstream of the reservoir have been advised to move to safer locations as the discharge is expected to increase during the next 24 hours. The reservoir level during the corresponding period last year was 2261.22 ft.

Meanwhile, rainfall data indicates that the district received 114.5 mm of rains in June in 2013, as against an average of 84.75 mm. This is in contrast to 29.9 mm rain in June last year when the district and most parts of the State experienced unprecedented water stress and drought. The average rainfall received between January to July 3 is 303.5 mm, against which the district has received 285.8 mm of rains. The rainfall has been uniform and widespread across the district and H.D. Kote has received the highest rains so far. Against an average of 107 mm of rains for June, it received 214.5 mm (H.D. Kote received 33.4 mm rain in June last year).

Likewise, Hunsur received 91.4 mm of rains against a normal rainfall of 75.4 mm this year. Nanjangud recorded 78.1 mm rainfall in June this year against the norm of 59.2 mm. Periyapatna taluk received 137.6 mm of rains this June, against the average of 112.8 mm. Mysore received 57.5 mm rains against an average of 69.6 mm. K.R. Nagar recorded rainfall of 60.1 mm while the normal rainfall for June is 85.6 mm.

T. Narsipura received 41.7 mm of rains in June this year, against the average of 61.9 mm.

The water-level in Krishnaraja Sagar Reservoir was 93.3 ft, as opposed to its full capacity of 124.8 ft. Inflow increased from 13,755 cusecs to 24,684 cusecs on Thursday evening. The increase is due to heavy rain in Kodagu and discharge from Harangi dam upstream.

As against the full reservoir level of 2,859 ft, the water-level stood at 2,857.52 ft. The rate of inflow was around 19,000 cusecs and the outflow was 21,000 cusecs.

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