Despite revelations by the Criminal Investigation Department that even the II pre-university Biology examination paper was leaked, the Department of Pre-University Education has ruled out a re-examination.

Explaining the decision to not conduct a re-exam for Biology, a senior department official said, “The first informers (for the Maths and Physics paper leak) were students and parents. The informers had been bringing to the notice of the department officials the details of the leak till 9 a.m. on the day of the examination, which led us to postpone the Maths and Physics exam.”

About the Biology paper, the official said, “We have no evidence of this. Either the leak was not on a very large scale, or the leaked papers did not reach the intended beneficiaries. Until we receive absolutely credible information, there is no need for a re-exam.”

‘It's baffling

When asked about the involvement of a treasury official in the leak, which was exposed during investigations, the official said it was baffling that the “symbol of the sovereign state” (the treasury) was breached, but comforting for the department that at least one source of the leak had been detected. The official added that it was possible that there was more than one source.

“It is an excuse for us to take a relook at the entire examination system, which is around 10 years old. Times have evolved, so has technology. It is time to come up with a more integrated exam system where the loopholes are plugged,” the department official said.


CID traces source of paper leak April 3, 2012