Following Friday’s Supreme Court order setting aside the appointment of retired judge Chandrashekaraiah as the Upalokayukta, activists of the Aam Admi Party staged a demonstration here demanding the immediate appointment of an anti-corruption ombudsman.

The post of the Lokayukta has been lying vacant since September 2011 when Shivaraj V. Patil resigned following allegations of land-grab and forgery. The appointment of Upalokayukta was annulled by the High Court in April 2012 on the grounds that due procedure was not followed.

“We want the State government to appoint a person with an unblemished record as the Lokayukta,” said Kundan Singh, co-founder of Aam Admi Party’s Karnataka chapter.

He said that attempts to appoint anti-corruption ombudsmen by the State government have been shrouded in secrecy.

“This time we want the government to announce the names of the candidates whose names are being considered for the post,” he said. His party plans to heighten the agitation in the coming days, he added.