Gazal maestro's family wants to bring him to India for treatment

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has requested External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna to facilitate visas to the family members of the ailing gazal singer Mehdi Hasan in Pakistan to visit India for his treatment.

Mr. Gehlot, who has been in correspondence with the family for sometime, in a letter to Mr. Krishna, said the condition of the Mr. Mehdi Hasan, who originally hails from Loona village in Rajasthan's Jhunjhunu district, was precarious. “I have been communicated by Shri Mohammed Arif, son of Shri Mehdi Hasan that his father had vomited blood and the family wanted to bring him to India at the earliest for treatment.”

Mr. Gehlot pointed out that though visas have been issued to four persons, the family wanted to bring two more persons to look after him while in India. The family's response came in the wake of an offer from Mr. Gehlot to bear the full expenses for the treatment of the ailing gazal maestro in India. It appears that the trip cannot be delayed anymore as the condition of Mr. Mehdi Hasan is serious.

In constant touch

Ever since Mr. Gehlot came across the news about the illness of Mr. Hasan from the media in January, he has been in touch with his family. Early this year, Mr. Hasan was in a Karachi hospital with severe affliction in the chest and symptoms of urinary infection.

Mr. Gehlot, who first informed the Union Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahmed about the Rajasthan government's desire to get the singer treated in India, had been since pursuing the visa matter as well.