Accusing the “gang of four” of maligning the Jan Lokpal movement, social activist Anna Hazare on Monday said that to blame and humiliate seems to be the mantra of the few. He was reacting to the allegations levelled against Team Anna member Kiran Bedi for overcharging her travel bills.

“To accuse and humiliate seems to be the mantra of the few. This is not the first time that such accusations have been levelled against Ms. Kiran Bedi. Every member of ‘Team Anna' had to face accusations and character assassination by the ‘gang of four,” said Mr. Hazare in his latest blog post.

If Ms. Bedi has done wrong then as she herself has already said, the government should take help of one of its own enquiry agencies and if found guilty “should take stringent actions against her,” Mr. Hazare said.

Mr. Hazare said that in the past too the “gang of four” from the government attempted to defame some of his team members. He, however, did not name the members of the “gang,” saying that they were the same people who opposed the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Stating that even the Bhushans had dared the government to take the legal path if there were allegations against them, Mr. Hazare said. “But these people are aware that their aim will not be fulfilled if they follow the legal path. The only way out was to spread division in ‘Team Anna' thereby spreading misconceptions among people who will be dissuaded from participating in the movement.”

Mr. Hazare said that he would be writing to all his members asking them “not to react again and again on any or repeated allegations made by the ‘gang of four' (and their agents from various fields). People are wise enough to understand what the truth is.”

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