The BJP is looking for more reinforcements from overseas sympathisers through the Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP), which was formed more than a decade ago with an aim to “project a positive and correct image of India and BJP to the Western world, and correct the distortions and false image of BJP, created by its adversaries.”

“What the AAP did by reaching out to diaspora was already done by the BJP. The difference is that while the AAP supporters were professionals, IIT alumni etc, who were shamefaced by what was happening in India and wanted a change; the BJP sympathisers are Hindutva supporters,” said sociologist Dipankar Gupta. Even as Prof. Gupta suggested that the BJP “rework its strategy,” the OFBJP is confident of reinforcing its presence abroad.

As proof of the party’s growing popularity, the BJP mentioned about the reception Mr. Modi received when he addressed the Indian diaspora via satellite at the annual convention of the OFBJP’s USA chapter in Tampa in September 2013.

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