The agricultural scientists on Friday issued an advisory for the farmers in view of the flood-like situation and extensive damage done to the standing crops in the district owing to rain.

The scientists at the Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) wanted the farmers to take steps to protect their crops from rain. Associate Director of the RARS, D. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy and Dr. R Uma Reddy, senior scientist and coordinator of the District Agricultural Advisory and Transfer of Technology Centre (DAATTC) said that the prevailing weather conditions might result in spread of diseases in crops. According to them, cotton has been taken up in 5.5 lakh acres in the district and since the beginning of the season, farmers were unable to make their fields weed-free and apply fertilizers timely.

Less yield expected

It is expected that about 15 to 20 per cent yield would be lost when compared to last year. Mr. Vishnu Vardhan pointed out that the cotton was ready for picking but because of rains, it got wet and might be discoloured subsequently, fetching very low price in the market. He suggested the farmers should harvest crop once rain stops.

R. Uma Reddy said both in standing or at harvesting stages, paddy might germinate and to avoid that farmers can spray salt solution by mixing 50 grams salt per litre of water only on panicles. The weather conditions might cause bacterial leaf spots in chillis and turmeric for which fungicides like M-45/Corbendizm with Plantomycin should be sprayed on the crops.