For the first time in the district headquarters, a marriage bureau for Muslims was established here recently.

A marriage bureau for minorities is being considered as a progressive step.

Muslims usually discuss and settle marriage alliances at their homes and very few people approach these marriage bureaus, says Shafi Ahmed Khan, the man behind this novel initiative.

He, however, says that this is not new in other cities in the State like Hyderabad and at least one such marriage bureau is operational at Patancheru.

Details checked

The bureau deals with alliances for the Sunni sect, Mr Khan says, adding that there would be three more main sections – Syed, Shaikh and Pathan – in the coming days with which they would deal with.

“Usually we furnish the details presented by the parents of grooms and brides to the parties who approach us. They also check the employment details, character, since how long they have been living at the given address, social status of the family and other such details. Once they get satisfied, the alliance is fixed,” he said, adding that there are no astrology-related issues as in Hindus. So far only one registration was made, while several enquiries are coming seeking details on how they could find suitable alliances,” Mr Khan says.

“This is a new trend in a small town like Sangareddy. I feel that it will take a long time to attract customers. But we have to be patient to run the service to the satisfaction of customers,” Mr. Khan says.