Collectors submit preliminary reports for compensation

The total loss incurred by Krishna and West and East Godavari districts due to the cyclone Helen was estimated to be Rs. 1,628.73 crore while a detailed assessment is still underway. Collectors of these districts submitted preliminary reports containing the department-wise losses, to the Principal Secretary and Commissioner of Disaster Management seeking necessary action for compensating the farmers and others who suffered the damages.

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Electricity, Fisheries, Housing, Roads & Buildings, Rural Water Supply and Sericulture departments bore the brunt of the calamity, according to official sources.

Krishna district was the worst-hit with paddy and horticultural crops in about 1,37,426 hectares getting damaged. Three persons were reported to have died. The total number of victims of the disaster was over 90,000.

Relief camps

Thirty relief camps were set up and nearly 8,400 people were rescued and rehabilitated. Thirty three medical camps were conducted.

The loss on account of road damages was put at approximately Rs. 103 crore, including roads in the purview of PR Department and municipalities.

West Godavari district was also badly hit with the number of victims of the disaster crossing 2.24 lakh and various agricultural and horticultural crops in about 1,12,225 hectares getting damaged. It included paddy crop destroyed in 1,09,635 hectares.

The total number of houses damaged stood at 1,389.

This included 34 pucca houses fully damaged and 995 partially damaged. The loss on this count was put at nearly Rs. 35 lakh.

The district administration has deployed 40 rescue teams, conducted 97 medical camps across the coastal areas and took other necessary measures. In East Godavari district, various crops in about 97,000 hectares were damaged by the twister and more than 70,000 people were affected. Loss to agriculture sector is more than Rs. 250 crore.