Srikakulam media personnel visit Kalpakam project in Tamil Nadu

Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) has given a categorical assurance to people that the proposed Kovvada nuclear project in Srikakulam district will be safest on the lines of other existing projects in India. On the invitation from NPCIL officials, media personnel from Srikakulam district visited Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS) which was constructed three decades ago in Kalpakam of Tamil Nadu.

During the tour from June 18th to 20th, the officials have shown the plant, safety measures and welfare activities to improve health and educational standards in and around Kalpakam under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). MAPS Station Director T.J. Koteswaran said that the NPCIL has been spending Rs. 25 crore every year in the country for CSR activities.

According to the Corporation, India has to depend upon nuclear power for its future needs since thermal, hydel and solar powers cannot meet the growing electricity demands of the country.

The country’s current installed capacity is 2.11 lakh mega watts and it will require 4.25 lakh mega watts of power by end of 2020. Countries like United States, China and France are still heavily depending on nuclear power since it will be cheaper and eco-friendly compared to thermal power projects.

Giving a power point presentation Kovvada plant Project Director G.V. Ramaesh and MAPS Operations Superintendent M.Venkatachalam said that future nuclear projects will be safest plants with the adoption of advanced technology.

They said that new plants such as Kovvada project would spur the economic activity on the lines of Kalpakam which had witnessed rapid development in the last two decades.

“Around Rs. 80,000 crore will be invested in Kovvada project which can provide direct employment to 18,000 persons during construction stage. The first phase of the 6000 mega watt plant will be ready by 2018 if plans are executed as planned,” said Mr.Ramesh.

Expansion works

As part of expansion, the government is also constructing 500 mega watt capacity Proto Type Fast Breeder Reactor project in Kalpakam and it is likely to be completed by 2014 June.

Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited (BHAVINI), a separate special organisation has been created for the construction of the project where research will also be done to use thorium as a source of energy for the production of nuclear power. BHAVINI Chairman and Managing Director Prabhat Kumar said that the country had huge thorium reserves which could ensure fuel for nuclear projects for the next 1000 years.