TDP activists led by MP and MLAs take out rally opposing State bifurcation

The Telugu Desam legislators and Hindupur MP Nimmala Kistappa organised a rally in support of Samaikyandhra at the Madakasira mandal headquarters on Saturday.

Speaking at a public meeting organised at the Valmiki circle in Madakasira, Mr. Kistappa questioned the rationale behind the division of the State and the proposal to make Hyderabad combined capital of the two States for ten years.

“Today, various organisations and political parties in Telangana are creating trouble when APNGOs are doing nothing but holding a meeting. What would be the status of the Seemandhra people settled in Hyderabad when it becomes a part of Telangana,” the MP said. He even argued that he did not believe that the interests of the people of Seemandhra settled in Hyderabad would be safeguarded in the event of a division of the State.

He accused the Congress party of unceremoniously declaring the division while it ought to have taken any decision after consultations with all political parties and the aggrieved party - Seemandhra people.

Puttaparthy MLA Pallet Raghunath Reddy said the Congress was playing football with the future of Andhra Pradesh and its people, kicking it from one post to the other without consulting the people, whom he likened to the football.

“The State has been divided to ensure that Rahul Gandhi is elected from the Medak parliamentary constituency and consequently made a candidate for the post of Prime Minister,” Mr. Reddy argued saying that the Gandhi family was interested in ensuring themselves to be in power and that they would stop at nothing to realise that, including dividing the State and putting future of its people in peril. The meeting was preceded by an impressive rally demanding Samaikyandhra. The meeting was attended by the Raptadu TDP MLA Paritala Sunita and Penukonda TDP MLA B.K.Parthasarathy.