The Congress will be routed if the UPA government bifurcates the State, Kamalapuram MLA G. Veerasiva Reddy said on Sunday.

“Confront the MPs and MLAs who fail to extend support to the Seemandhra movement and drive them away when they visit the district,” he said at a press conference at Proddatur. Mr. Veerasiva Reddy, who tendered his resignation as MLA and to the primary membership of Congress a couple of days ago, called upon people, employees and students on Sunday to take active part in the Samaikyandhra agitation for a unified State. He demanded that all the elected public representatives of Rayalaseema tender their resignations and exert pressure on the Congress high command. People will not pardon leaders who remained silent even when attempts are being made to split Rayalaseema, he said. The division of the State will not be tolerated, he cautioned.

Somireddy pins blame on Congress

TDP Polit Bureau member Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy said that the Congress leadership was solely responsible for the crisis that arose out of separate statehood issue as it is in power in the State and at the Centre. He said that there would be a huge loss to the people of some districts in Rayalaseema and South Coastal Andhra if Kurnool and Anantapur districts were to be merged with the Rayala-Telangana State in the event of the bifurcation.

Stating that non-Congress parties had limited role in the separate statehood issue, Mr. Chandramohan Reddy said that he would abide by whatever decision was taken by the TDP in the larger interests of the people of all regions in the State.

He asserted that he was totally opposed to the Congress game plan to divide the Rayalaseema region in the name of bifurcation. If Rayala-Telangana is to be formed as per speculation, it would lead to serious disputes over sharing of river water, he added. Mr. Reddy deplored that many disputes would arise with regard to nearly six irrigation projects involving the Krishna and Penna river waters. As these projects are located in Kurnool and Anantapur districts, the people of Prakasam, Nellore, Kadapa and Chittoor districts would be badly affected after the bifurcation, he felt.