Director-General of Police V. Dinesh Reddy found himself in a tight spot while replying to a question on the increase in rape cases in the State during the annual press conference on the crime situation on Friday. The cases went up from 1,228 to 1,291 till November this year.

‘Provocative dresses'

To the question by a reporter, Mr. Reddy linked the growth in cases in rural areas to ‘provocative dresses' worn by women.

Even in districts where women wore the traditional sari, he said, the trend was to switch to more fashionable, revealing garb.

He also said that the diet of men had something to do with the cases going up. These were factors on which the police had no control.

In the face of an uproar after the news was flashed by TV channels, the DGP stated in a press release that his remarks were misinterpreted.

Demand for apology

The comments of Mr. Reddy were condemned by women's organisations. Shobha Hymavathi, president of Telugu Mahila, demanded a public apology from Mr. Reddy. She sought to know from Mr. Reddy whether the murder of Ayesha in Vijayawada had also to do with lack of a dress code.