NSG will station new and stronger bomb disposal vessels at all the four newly created hubs for ensuring full-fledged response by the elite force in case of a terror attack.

Official sources said the Total Containment Vessel (TCV), used for the first time during the Delhi serial blasts would be stationed at Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

The green-coloured TCV made its mark during the 2008 serial blasts when a bomb in Central Park here was detonated within the safe confines of the vessel.

The TCV is a highly-sophisticated bomb disposal equipment used by over 24 military organisations around the world.

The NSG, which has just one TCV at present, is in the process of acquiring 14 more.

The force is also in the process of acquiring 22 bomb suits and a host of other equipment to maximise its operational capabilities.

The force is shopping for Shot Gun Spas or Spas Gun, which will be used to force open doors.

It is also looking for Laser Listening Devices, a favourite of intelligence agencies across the world as it can be used to eavesdrop conversations even more than 400 metres away.

The procurements are being made based on the experience during the Operation Black Tornado against terrorists in Mumbai during the terror attack in November 2008.

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