This could happen if a proposed Constitutional amendment is submitted to Parliament

The ruling party of Myanmar said Tuesday it would amend the constitution, including the section that prevents opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from running for president.

The charter currently bars anyone whose spouse or children are foreign nationals or “owe allegiance to a foreign power” from being a candidate. Ms. Suu Kyi has two British sons from her marriage to the late academic Michael Aris.

The proposed amendment says merely that the parents, spouse and children of a candidate must be Myanmar citizens.

It would allow Ms. Suu Kyi to stand if her sons take citizenship, said Hla Swe, a member of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party.

The party will submit the amendments to parliament soon, he said.

Also Tuesday, the government said five political prisoners would be released under an amnesty, fulfilling President Thein Sein’s promise to free all the remaining ones this year.

Nearly 2,000 political prisoners have been released since Thein Sein took office in 2011. But the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, which uses a different definition, says there are still up to 50 behind bars.

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