A Mughal-inspired designer gown worn by Princess Diana during her state visit to India in 1992 is among 10 iconic outfits coming up for auction here next month.

The lavishly embroidered pink silk evening gown and bolero, designed by Catherine Walker, is set to fetch between £80,000 to 120,000.

“It is one of the most lavish of all her gowns. Richly embroidered royal dresses have been a tradition for royalty and aristocracy since the Elizabethan times,” a spokesperson for Kerry Taylor Auctions told PTI.

It was during this particular trip that Princess Diana was photographed sitting alone at the Taj Mahal.

The inspiration for the embroidered design came from the lid of an Indian inlaid marquetry box discovered by the designers in a London market.

Great care was taken when choosing the colours of the needlework as it needed to be colourful and exuberant to reflect the country of her visit.