With presidential elections in Afghanistan scheduled to be held in three days’ time, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said the Obama Administration is looking forward to work with the next leadership of the country in the post—Taliban era.

“We look forward to working with whomever the Afghan people select as their leaders for the next five years. We trust that the next President, as well as provincial council members also being elected at this time, will work for the interests of all the people of Afghanistan,” Ms. Clinton said.

Stressing that the US will remain “impartial” in the elections to be held on August 20, Ms. Clinton said: “We do not support or oppose any particular candidate. Like the Afghan people, we want to see credible, secure and inclusive elections that all will judge legitimate. We hope that, from top to bottom, every effort will be taken to make the election day secure, to eliminate fraud, and to address any complaints fairly and quickly.”

She said the elections would have its challenges too, “but the Afghan people have been very courageous in conducting this election despite the stresses of wartime” in their country.

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