Mullah Omar, Taliban’s elusive leader has told U.S.-led “colonial” troops in Afghanistan that their “unequivocal defeat” is imminent as the insurgents are “forging ahead like a powerful flood” against them.

In a purported online message issued to mark Eid, Omar referred to “huge casualties and sagging morale” among the more than 100,000 NATO and U.S.-led troops in Afghanistan fighting Taliban-linked insurgents.

“The more the enemy resorts to increasing forces, the more they will face an unequivocal defeat in Afghanistan,” he said in the message, believed the first from Omar since 2006.

It came weeks before the eighth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion toppled the Taliban regime in Kabul.

Describing Afghanistan as a graveyard for “colonial” troops, he said the Taliban’s fight against American and NATO troops in the country “is forging ahead like a powerful flood.”

“Anyone who opts to resist it will himself be washed away. Atrocity, torture, brutality, conspiracies, coalitions, the foreign forces and mercenaries could not hurl stumbling blocks in the way of this robust Jihadic movement,” he says.

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