An Indigo flight from Delhi to Kathmandu caught fire on Saturday afternoon after landing at the Kathmandu airport. But all passengers were evacuated safely.

An Indigo release said that flight 6E 031 from Delhi to Kathmandu with 176 passengers, including one infant, and six crew, members made a normal landing on Saturday afternoon at the Kathmandu airport. After parking, the ground engineer observed smoke and fire from the right brake assembly and advised evacuation of all passengers and crew.

While 171 passengers were evacuated by the slide-chute, the rest and the crew left the aircraft by the forward step-ladder.

All passengers were evacuated by the Indigo crew in 81 seconds. All 175 passengers, one infant and six crew members are safe, the release said

PTI adds:

According to a preliminary inquiry, sparks that occurred due to heavy braking during landing could have led to a hydraulic leak, DGCA sources said.

The airlines is likely to operate a special flight to bring back the passengers who were supposed to come on the same aircraft.

“Safety of all passengers and crew is of utmost importance to Indigo and there is absolutely no compromise on safety,” Indigo said.