Notwithstanding all the messy politics he has gotten embroiled in since assuming office, U.S. President Barack Obama clearly still has millions of fans world over.

But it has to be a special sort of charisma that compels other heads of state to admit that they admire the man, and extol his best qualities.

It has to be an absolutely extraordinary sort of charisma that makes the very same admiring heads of state suggest that he is a marked contrast to certain others who stood in his shoes before him.

Yet, this is what transpired in an interview that ABC news channel had with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev:

ABC: You have met with Barack Obama many times, at least fifteen meetings and phone calls…

Medvedev: Sixteen times!

ABC: I knew there were fifteen but was not sure about the sixteenth. What do you make of Barack Obama, the man?

Medvedev: He is a very comfortable partner. It is very interesting to be with him. The most important thing that distinguishes him from many other people — I will not name anyone by name — he is a thinker, he thinks when he speaks.

ABC [Laughing]: You had somebody on your mind I think…

Medvedev [Also laughing]: Indeed I do have someone on my mind; but I do not wish to offend anyone. [Mr. Obama] tries to listen to his partner.

This is an important quality for any politician… He also knows many issues in depth. I had never noticed with President Obama that he was unprepared on any question, and that is good. And above all, he is such a great personality to deal with!

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