The Maldivian Parliament (People's Majlis) will meet on Monday, even as the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) to which the former President, Mohamed Nasheed, belongs, is not keen on such a meet without its demands being met.

The last time the Majlis was convened, on March 1, Members of Parliament belonging to the MDP had made sure that neither the Speaker nor the new President Waheed Hassan Manik could enter the House. Despite this, after discussions with most of the parties, Speaker Abdullah Shahid has announced that the Majlis will hold the opening session on March 19.

The Speaker is likely to meet MDP MPs over the next few days to persuade them to allow the House to function.

MDP, the single largest party in the Majlis, wants an understanding on an election date. Also, the MDP has been talking to the next biggest party in the Majlis, the DRP, on working together both inside and outside the House.

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