Dutch news media say Goran Hadzic, the last suspect wanted by the Yugoslav war crimes court, has arrived in the Netherlands to face trial by the U.N. tribunal.

Hadzic, 53, will be taken to a U.N. detention facility where he will be given a medical examination and a copy of the 14-count indictment for crimes committed in a breakaway region of Croatia during the 1991-95 war, including the massacre of some 200 Croat prisoners of war.

His arrival on Friday at Rotterdam airport was reported by the ANP news agency. He was arrested on Wednesday after seven years on the run.

Hadzic is the last to be captured of 161 people indicted by the court since its creation in 1993 during the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Most were ethnic Serbs, but Bosnian Muslims and Croats also have been convicted of war crimes.

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