‘May 28 attack on leaders of Opposition pre-planned’

The council meeting of the city Corporation was a scene of chaos on Thursday with the Opposition staging a loud protest in the council hall against the Mayor’s denial of permission for an emergency resolution.

Councillor N.C. Moyin Kutty had sought permission for an emergency resolution demanding action against councillors O.M. Bharadwaj and V. Sudheer, who had allegedly manhandled Leader of the Opposition M.T. Padma and Deputy Leader K. Mohammedali during an emergency council meeting held on May 28 to discuss the issue of the death of a woman after she fell into an open drain near the Kozhikode railway station.

However, Mayor A.K. Premajam denied permission on the grounds that the issue did not have an emergency nature and that permission could not be granted as per the council rules.

The Opposition reacted strongly by shouting slogans against the Mayor and created a noisy situation in the council until the meeting concluded.

Amidst the din, the ruling front passed an emergency resolution by councillor T. Hassan demanding immediate steps to tackle the spread of epidemics and the agenda for the day.

The Mayor later told the presspersons that the chaos created by the Opposition councillors was pre-planned. She pointed out that action on any member of the council could be taken only during the council meeting concerned and it could not be postponed.

On the day of the issue, the Opposition had insisted that it did not press it, and went on to discuss the matters planned for the day. Taking action against the two councillors in question after around a week was against the Nagarapalika rules, she added.

Ms. Padma said the Mayor failed to give protection to the councillors. In another press conference, she and Mr. Muhammadali alleged that the attack on them during the previous council meeting was pre-planned and that it was a fascist step to stifle any sounds of opposition.

The UDF had not pressed the issue on May 28 itself because the issue scheduled to be discussed on that day was of more importance, Mr. Muhammadlai added.

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