The technological advances in implant dentistry and imaging techniques that provide a better quality of life with an aesthetic touch to patients across adult age groups was the focus of an update organised here on Sunday.

Hosted by the city unit of the Indian Dental Association at the Balaji Dental and Craniofacial Hospital, the Continuing Dental Education (CDE) event sought to keep young dental practitioners abreast of the innovations in dental implants that straddle the areas of prosthodontics, oral surgery and periodontics.

Finance Minister K. Anbazhagan launched the CDE.

S. M. Balaji, IDA Madras president, said the workshop sought to address the need for a training programme in the latest technology and techniques in the field of implant dentistry.

Though implant dentistry had made rapid strides over the past few decades to become established as a scientifically evolved speciality, there was a growing demand to clear misconceptions and educate dental surgeons on the use of proper biomaterials and correct techniques, he said.

Dental implants are now a superior way of replacing not only single or multiple missing teeth but can substitute entire dentures.

Ideal solution

“The speciality has evolved through single tooth replacements and fixed bridges to become the ideal solution for even denture replacements,” said Vidyaa Hari, IDA joint secretary.

The biggest advantage with implants is that they reduce bone resorption (shrinkage) when a tooth is lost. While the conventional technique of permanent fixation involves shaping and crowning of adjacent teeth to obtain support for the replacement, with implants the adjacent teeth are not disturbed unnecessarily.

Not for children

Moreover, implants are the only option for permanent fixing of missing posterior molar teeth and patients with weak abutment (support) teeth. Implants are however not undertaken for children under 18 years of age as the jaw is not fully developed.

There has also been considerable reduction of the time taken for an implant procedure with a straightforward intervention involving a single session of about an hour.

Accident victims, who lose teeth, can also be provided immediate implant placement that quickly restores form and function, said Dr. Vidyaa Hari.

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