“This scheme is unbelievable. This is even beyond what the Western countries do,” said Mohamed Adel Rezk, who had come all the way from Egypt on an official visit to the Amma Canteen at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital an Accreditation Director with the delegation

People belonging to the economically-weaker sections in Egypt may soon reap the benefits of a welfare model like the Amma Canteen, if Mr. Rezk and his team carry their inspiration home.

Amma Canteens sell idli for Re. 1 , sambar rice, pongal and curry leaf rice for Rs. 5, and curd rice for Rs. 3.

The team on Saturday visited Amma Canteens in the city and studied various aspects pertaining to the facilities.

The officials will recommend adoption of the scheme in Egypt shortly.

The U.S. uses food stamps for the welfare of the poor, but this facility is way better, Mr. Rezk added. “The food is very good and hygienic. Every Indian must feel proud of this project,” he added.


Amma canteen wows Chandigarh MayorSeptember 2, 2014