Parking his two-wheeler in a ‘No Parking' area proved costly for a 21-year-old man of Sowcarpet. He lost Rs.1.8 lakh which, he said, he had kept in the two-wheeler that was taken away in a recovery vehicle when the police cleared the area.

Following his petition before the Madras High Court, Justice G.M.Akbar Ali, directed him to submit a copy of the complaint to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime). The police official should conduct an enquiry into the matter and initiate action.

In his petition, Gagan Bothra of Sowcarpet said he was assisting his father in his film finance business. On August 6 last year, he parked his scooter and withdrew Rs.1.8 lakh and kept it in the scooter. As the two-wheeler was in a no-parking area, the traffic police took it away in a recovery vehicle. His pleadings to release the vehicle were in vain.

The petitioner alleged that later he was asked to go to different police stations and meet officials. The scooter was handed over to him in a damaged condition. When he made enquiries about the money, there was no reply. His father lodged a complaint with the Joint Commissioner the next day. After receiving the complaint, it was forwarded to the Assistant Commissioner, Flower Bazaar (Traffic) for enquiry. But, no action was taken.

Instead of registering an FIR, the police conducted an enquiry and treated the complaint as closed.

He said the police were not interested in investigating the case. Hence, the present petition.

He cited the Joint Commissioner of Police, North, Chennai and the Inspector, Elephant Gate Police Station, as respondents.

In his order, Mr.Justice Akbar Ali said that considering the submissions made, he was disposing of the petition with the direction.