The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) has commenced work on preparation of Detailed Development Plans (DDP) for five areas in the Chennai Metropolitan Area.

The five areas to be covered are Velachery, Villivakkam, Ambattur, Perumbakkam and Nazrethpet.

“We will rejuvenate the unit with adequate staff to facilitate preparation of the Detailed Development Plans,” said Susan Mathew, vice chairperson of CMDA.

DDPs are prepared under Section 27 of the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act. It is prepared generally for smaller areas.

“The maps will be prepared on a scale of 1:2000 as part of the Detailed Development Plans. This will show the ideal use of each piece of land in the area and guide infrastructure development by various department and agencies. We have already started getting the revenue block maps. Preparation of the base maps for the Velachery and Villivakkam will be done soon,” said Ms.Mathew.

The DDPs would be also helpful in identification of land use planning that has become obsolete in the area.

DDPs have not been prepared for over 20 years. Around 40 per cent of the city has DDPs which were completed 20 years ago.

Initially, field survey of every street, road and property will be done as part of the preparation of DDP.

This would provide details of the existing land use and infrastructure developments. Then, another set of maps would be prepared which would show the proposed land use. The maps would be finalised after inviting public objections.

The public consultations would be organised for recording the view of the public pertaining to land use zone.

Identification of eco-sensitive areas

The major focus of the DDP would be on identification of eco-sensitive areas, improvements required for transport network and areas with high concentration of people belonging to the economically weaker sections.

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