Canada has introduced various student-friendly measures to attract more Indian students, particularly those from south India, to its universities, said Mel Broitman, Director, International Outreach, Canadian University Application Centre.

He was speaking to The Hindu on the sidelines of an education fair ‘Study in Canada', organised by the Centre here on Saturday. “Indians have been overlooking Canada for long. There was always a wrong impression about Canada's weather. Its visa process is simple and the ‘automatic work permit for three years' after graduation makes Canada more attractive that any other international destination for Indian students,” Mr. Broitman says.

According to him, south India has been a major market in terms of potential students for the U.S. and the U.K. and Canada wants to “stretch its wings” further in the region.

However, it would still adhere to getting academically bright students.

“Most of the Indians going abroad are not necessarily the best or serious students. Over 70 per cent marks is our cut-off,” he says. While engineering and management programmes are generally preferred by a majority of the Indians, Mr. Broitman says programmes in arts and social science offer great scope in Canada. “Scholarships up to $ 20,000, less expensive courses and quality education are Canada's strength,” he adds.

Opportunities explained

Five universities from Canada, including the University of Windsor and Saint Mary's University participated in the one-day education fair, where opportunities available in a majority of Bachelors programmes were explained to aspiring students.

B. Dhakshayini, a student of class XI, hopes her sister, who is in Class XII, makes it to a good university in Canada, so that she can follow her to pursue Biology. “We are planning for a permanent residency in Canada and unlike other countries, it is less of a hassle in this country and universities also offer education at a reasonable price,” says Dhakshayini's mother, who has been reading up on the country for quite some years.

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