An inspection of a privately-run home for children in Dodda Gubbi near here on Saturday, by a team consisting of various child rights authorities threw light on several violations in the home, including allegations of molestation of the children.

Even though the management of the “Home for Hope”, run by the New Ark Mission of India, was previously alerted of molestation of the children at the home, it (the home) had failed to take any action, said members of the inspecting team.

The team comprised officials from the Child Welfare Committee, the Karnataka State Child Rights Protection Commission and the Government Children's Home. While the extent of sexual violations could be found out by the police, the team said that the centre housed 43 children, more than the limit of 30 prescribed.


Numerous violations of the Juvenile Justice Act, lack of medical facilities for the children, lack of hygiene, were some of the observations made by the team.