Bangaloreans have hinged their hopes on the probability of rain after two or three days to “water down” their summer woes, literally.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said that there will be rain or thunderstorm on Wednesday and Thursday.

Giving an explanation, an official from the department said that any disturbance related to weather anywhere down south affects the city.

‘30 p.c. chance’

“Now, there is clouding in Thiruvananthapuram and Sri Lanka, due to which there is a 30 per cent chance of there being thunderstorms here in the next few days,” the official said.

However, the possible rainfall will only cause the temperature to shoot up. The maximum temperature, which is on the rise with the number expected to soar to 36 degree Celsius on Monday and Tuesday, will reach 37 degree Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday.

The minimum temperature, however, will drop a bit — from 23.1 degree Celsius on Sunday to 23 degree Celsius over the next four days. There will be cloudy sky on Monday and Tuesday.

In the weather summary ending on Sunday morning, rainfall occurred at isolated places over north-interior Karnataka, while dry weather prevailed over coastal and south interior Karnataka. Bellary recorded the highest maximum temperature of 41.7 degree Celsius.