Syed Tabriz, sub-inspector attached to the Jayanagar police station, has been placed under suspension on the charge of associating himself with an anti-social element.

Mr. Tabriz has been accused of travelling with a habitual vehicle lifter in a stolen vehicle. He has been accused of assuring a habitual offender to weaken charges against him. He was also found to have failed in coordinating with his staff and taking preventive steps regarding crime.

Recently the City Crime Branch (CCB) officials of Mysore had arrested one notorious four wheeler lifter Mujahid in Mysore. However, Mujahid had managed to obtain bail and later contacted Mr. Tabriz and had reportedly sought his help.

Meanwhile, the Mysore police saw the sub-inspector with Mujahid and his other associates in a stolen vehicle in Mysore. Later it was brought to the notices of the Mysore City Police Commissioner and the Bangalore City Police Commissioner.

The city commissioner Shankar Bidari, on Tuesday, has ordered the suspension of Mr. Tabriz for his alleged association with an anti-social element.