The short Telugu film revolves around the theme that love preaches sacrifice

Love preaches sacrifice seems to be the central theme of the short Telugu film ‘Telusuna’ (Do you know?), made by a group of students from the city.

The film revolves around Maanvi and Akhil, and how they sacrifice their love in order to keep the other person happy.

The film opens with Maanvi parting ways with Akhil, saying that she had no other option but to marry another person. She turns her back on him in a bid to hide her tears and walks away.

Maanvi, who is suffering from cancer, learns that Akhil had not married and was suffering from a heart ailment. But before she could tell him why she had to part ways, he collapses never to wake up.

The short film was screened at Platinum Jubilee Hall of Andhra University on Saturday. The noteworthy effort of the students and the creativity of director Anil Royale came in for appreciation from critics.

Head of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication P. Bobby Vardhan said that the social message on ‘blindness’ given before the film would make the viewer think that the film was about visually-challenged people.

“The title of the film makes people draw their own inferences.”

In the last scene, music was dominating and the dialogue was drowned in it. He, however, said that the overall performance of the team was excellent.

Station Director of All India Radio, Visakhapatnam, Malleswara Rao, stage artiste and producer ‘Badamgeer’ Sai, TV and film artiste Govada Venkata Rao, and local artiste Mohan were among those who spoke.

Anil Royale is doing his B. Tech III year in Pydah College. The hero is Rahul Sai, a III year engineering student of GITAM University, and the heroine is Madhavi, a B.Tech final year student of Andhra University. Navya, a student of MJMC (Master of Journalism and Mass Communication) in AU, plays the other girl.

Anil says he has already produced 13 short films on the Amigos Production banner.

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