Who says that nurturing fatherhood and hitting a purple patch in the corporate world are two impossible things to achieve at the same time? Urban fathers, these days, have been smart enough to strike a perfect work-life balance.

Meeting professional demands that dearly costs not less than 12 hours at workplace and finding a new meaning to keep their passion alive, smart fathers know how to shower their children with unconditional love, squeezing out some extra time.

Little Tiya is all smiles when she meets her father the moment she comes back from her school. With both parents working, the five-and-a-half-year-old is the happiest one when her father C.K. Pavan Krishna makes sure to be there for her whenever she needs. He says that being an assistant vice-president in an MNC is no excuse to explain. “When she is away from home I will be at work and when she is at home, I spend most of the time with her feeding her food or bonding over bedtime stories. I don’t mind starting my day a couple of hours early so that I can be there for Tiya when my wife is busy,” says Pavan Krishna.

Being a father gives a different perspective to life. Perhaps it is the same factor that brings the present generation ones close to their fathers. K. Nikita, a final year engineering student who grabbed the international award ‘Leo of the Year 2012-2013’ for her exceptional community work says that her father is the biggest source of inspiration. “Since my childhood, I have been sharing everything with my father. He knows my friends and understands me as a person. He gives me enough freedom which I don’t take advantage of ,” she said. From a provider to a proactive companion, the role of a father has taken a new dimension over the years. “My sons view me as a role model and try to imbibe my qualities. As a father, I feel one should be accountable and make every effort to lead by example,” sums up consultant prosthodontist R. Prakash.

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