City needs cyber police station: Police Commissioner

The trial in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks led to a cyber café in Rajkot. A person from the café had sent a mail, two months ahead of the attacks in September 2008, threatening attacks on Mumbai's CST railway terminus and Church Gate.

The café owner, who was arrested after the attacks, neither had a licence nor maintained the mandatory log book of customers.

Many of the café owners in the country do not know that they have to maintain the log book of visitors in the prescribed format.

The customer or the visitor who uses the Internet has to invariably furnish his/her name, address, telephone numbers and other details. The café owner concerned has to insist on filling of all the details failing which he/she would be held accountable when cyber crimes are committed by their customers.

Cyber crimes include Nigerian fraud - causing financial losses by sending SMS or e-mail message enticing gullible public to part their data by convincing them that they had won thousands of Pounds and Dollars in a lottery,

Phising – sending hoax e mails to obtain sensitive or confidential information, credit card frauds – through which the hackers obtain PIN numbers, e-mail threats issued by hackers after copying the information from a registered user or invasion or privacy.

“There is every need to set up a separate Cyber Police Station in the city,” Police Commissioner J. Purnachandra Rao said when his attention was drawn to the growing incidence of cyber crimes in the city.

He recently appointed Inspector C.M. Naidu, as in charge CI (Cyber Crimes) wing.

There are 204 Internet cafes in the city. Under Section 67 C Clause (1) and (2), the café organisers have to invariably obtain particulars of the users in the given format. The organisers can be punished with imprisonment up to three years and a fine when they fail to abide by the rules.

Interactive session

The City Police and Ideacts Innovations are holding an interactive session on Cyber Café Security and Management for café owners on Tuesday to contain and track cyber crime in the city. The objective of the session is to launch India's first free cyber café security solution for café owners.

The session will be followed by a presentation of the Cyber Café Security Solution ‘Clinck Cyber Café Manager' by Ideacts Innovations which would improve the user experience and also assist in national security by securing the cyber cafes.

Mr. Purachnadra Rao and the Head - Retail of Ideacts Innovations, Krishna Swami, will participate in the inaugural session.

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