Members of the Sindhi Panchayat had a gala time singing Bhajans in honour of Jhulelal on the occasion of Sindhu Hindu New Year on Wednesday.

Scores of Sindhis gathered at Sindhu Bhavan at Nowroji Road and spent the day participating in the festivities. The celebrations started with offering of Panchamrut Abhishekam at 7 a.m. followed by Bhajans and Keertans organised by the Sindhi Ladies Wing. The participants had langar (feast) in the afternoon.

The members re-assembled at Sindhu Bhavan in the evening and danced and sangs keertans in honour of Jhulelal. Men and women were seen dancing around a kid dressed as Jhulelal and paying their obeisance to Him. Even elderly women bowed to the kid as he is considered as Jhulelal Himself.

Later, they took out a colourful procession carrying ‘Bairano', made of wheat flour, ghee and water, for immersion at sea. “The ‘Bairano' is represented as Jhulelal as we do not immerse idols of God at sea,” president of Sindhi Panchayat Deepak C. Idnani said.

“The birth of Jhulelal, who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which falls on Cheti Chand (i.e. second day of Chaitra month or a day after Ugadi) is celebrated as Sindhu New Year,” he said.

Sindhi devotional songs and traditional dandiya dance added colour to the procession.


Celebration time for SindhisApril 1, 2014

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