Entrepreneur Summit provides vital tips for engineering students

A galaxy of successful entrepreneurs electrified engineering college students by sharing their experiences of how they made it to what they are today, right from their entrepreneurial infancy.

They gave the students tips and provided the impetus to mould themselves into young entrepreneurs at the ‘Entrepreneur Summit’ organised by the Sri Chaitanya educational group in Visakhapatnam on Saturday. Their talk was down to earth and practical to those aspiring to fly high in life.

Symbiosys Technologies Chief Executive Officer O. Naresh Kumar enlivened the proceedings urging the students to be ambitious in life. He advised the students, particularly prospective software engineers, to think on the lines of doing something worthwhile in life by turning into an entrepreneur and establishing a business which provides jobs to many others.

“About 2.5 lakh engineering graduates are coming out of colleges every year in the State and only 10,000 of them are being employed by companies. This is a stark reality which should provoke potential youngsters to think on the lines of entrepreneurship. Students should not become eager to take up jobs after graduation in engineering and should think long-term in improving qualifications, skills, and gaining exposure. The time spend on self-empowerment and learning should not be construed as waste but rather as an investment for the next four decades of life. For one to become successful businessman or industrialist, connectivity and networking with potential people and improving skills are crucial. For one to emerge successful, one should be skilful or have some powerful people on their side or win the confidence of people who have the potential to invest in their project,” he said. He also felt that one should always be growing while being content with their present state, but should never allow greed to take over them. Greed neutralises ethical values and that was the reason why several good industrialists were in jail fighting cases. There were no short cuts to success and one should never think of becoming a billionaire overnight.