After the Paradeep super cyclone of 1999, the north coastal districts of the State and the contiguous ones in Odisha are again facing a cyclonic storm of comparable magnitude in the looming ‘Phailin’.

Over a period of time with more sophisticated technology and various studies weathermen have been able to predict the landfall of the cyclonic storm better thereby identifying the areas that are likely to be worst affected.


In terms of intensity of cyclones the November,1996 Konaseema cyclone and Paradeep super cyclone that left a trail of devastation catching the authorities off guard readily come to mind. The Diviseema tidal wave of 1977 caused much more destruction in terms of loss of life and property.

After the Konaseema cyclone, the entire administrative machinery was geared up for another cyclone in December of that year.

“It finally did not cause any damage, was called a zigzag cyclone, split itself into two and fizzled away,” recalled an official of the Cyclone Warning Centre here. But of late the output (for prediction) is coming from a number of studies like mathematical, statistical and dynamic models and forecast the landfall location pretty close, he said.