It is an exciting time for artists in the country with the India Art Fair being held in New Delhi next week. The buzz was alive in the city as well at the inauguration of artist Ravi Kattakuri’s exhibition on Wednesday.

Well known artists, students of art, connoisseurs, collectors, tourists and enthusiastic Vizagites were seen making their way from one work of art to the other at the Visakha Heritage Museum on Beach Road.

The chief guest at the exhibition was V. Ramesh from the Department of Fine Arts, Andhra University, and the guest of honour was Mathew Thomas, a connoisseur of art.

Ravi has his own unique style of painting which has become very popular. “You can recognise Ravi Kattakuri’s style instantly,” says a student of art familiar with his works.

Ravi has adopted his style from Madhubani paintings and has given it a contemporary twist.

His works are bright, simple and his women with pouted lips are the highlight of every canvas.

Bernadette Schillings, an artist and designer from Sweden, took her time observing each work of art with her trained eye before appreciating it.

“It is very interesting to see the works of a contemporary Indian artist. His works are simple yet the beauty is in the details. I am surprised at the number of talented artists in the city,” she says.

Fans of Ravi’s Madhubani-inspired work should definitely pay a visit as Ravi says he is soon going to phase out his current style and try something new. He plans to have an exhibition of his early works in the coming months.

The exhibition is on till January 25 at the Visakha Heritage Museum on Beach Road and is open from 11 a.m. to 7p.m.


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