Dysfunctional manholes put citizens to unbearable trouble. Water gushing out of a manhole on the road opposite Ushodaya Junction at Sector VIII of the posh MVP Colony has turned into a cesspool inconveniencing everyone using the road.

The pool hinders normal movement on the road with people carefully skirting it. The pool is formed near Iswarya function hall and the road is one of those go to the nearby Satyasai School.

With the water forming the pool to one side of the road vehicles passing by have no alternative but to zip through it. But one should be wary about passing vehicles splashing water while passing by the pool.

The drain’s bad shape would have been a problem anyway but with heavy downpour almost every day no road is in good condition.

Water stagnates almost on every road and if drains do not function properly, it adds to the woes of road users.

Currently, the corporation is focussing on carrying out temporary repairs to improve them.

It is quite common to find giant potholes right in the middle of the road but municipal officials who use the same road seem to be quite oblivious to the plight of citizens. Gushing drains and potholes are a dangerous combination.


Overflowing manhole rectified in VizagSeptember 28, 2012

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