Facing fluctuation in arrivals from time to time, the Marketing Department has initiated efforts to rope in more farmers to bring their produce to the 12 ryot bazaars in the city.

The ryot bazars put together account for an average of 4,500 quintals of vegetables that are brought by farmers everyday. But during summer and after heavy rain, the arrivals dip.

The fluctuation is usually around 20 per cent to 30 per cent. Some of the farmers may be selling their produce at the local weekly markets to get more price. Issuing them identity cards will increase quantities in ryot bazaars, it was felt.

To overcome this, the department has sent its estate officers to include more farmers following instructions of CEO of Ryot Bazars M.K. Singh.

The officers visit the Agency area, Sabbavaram, Kasimkota, K. Kotapadu and Anandapuram mandals from where farmers bring produce.

The idea is to bring more farmers and increase the availability so as to cover the scarcity during such phases, sources in the Marketing Department said. As of now around 1,100 farmers bring vegetables to ryot bazaars.

For instance, green chilly price shot up following its non-availability as it comes mainly from Guntur. Increasing availability locally will help overcome such problems.

Some of them may have identity cards. But including the others by field visits and issuing them identity cards is also expected to improve the arrivals.

All women bazaar

An all-women ryot bazaar is expected to be opened at Gajuwaka next month. Around 50 women were given away identity cards by Mr. Signh during his visit on Monday.

The men in the bazaar will be sent elsewhere to accommodate women so as to encourage them, sources said.

An NGO, Sanghamitra, is also involved to motivate women farmers.

Dues to staff

While ryot bazaars are hugely popular with a large number of citizens depending upon them for their daily supply of vegetables, a small number of employees managing them without salaries for months together.

As of now the staff number about 50 in the 12 ryot bazaars, including estate officers, are yet to receive salaries for three months.

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