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Call to treat senior citizens with dignity


Thanks to medical advancement and technology, the number of senior citizens in our country has risen to almost 10 crore. Interestingly, a majority of them are above 80 years.

“Out of them, 70-75 per cent are from the rural areas, whose fate has been considered to be extremely miserable as they are not only neglected by their families but also by the government,” according to Praja Spandana president and retired officer of the Indian Economic Service C.S. Rao. “Though medical advancement and technology have proved to be a boon, many senior citizens, at the same time, opine that they are not treated with enough value and dignity by their family members and society. Unfortunately, they cannot even voice their grievances to the authorities concerned,” Mr. Rao said.

“Setting up old-age homes, and providing health and recreational facilities alone cannot solve the problems confronting this section, which is deprived of affection,” he said. The Central government has announced setting up of a council to address the health problems of the senior citizens, including dementia. “It's suggested that there be such councils in every district to identify senior citizens who are neglected. The councils should carry out a survey to engage them in jobs that suit their skills and expertise,” Mr. Rao explained.

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