Students of Vignan Nirula Institute of Technology & Science for Women were in a pleasant surprise on Monday morning. Veteran film director ‘Kalatapaswi' K. Viswanath walked into the college and to the surprise of many, struck a chord with the students. He talked about films, life in general and even amused the students by saying that he would have liked being born a girl as he could have studied in engineering colleges.

He again had the students chuckling when he said, “I have always been an average student, but some how destiny took me to film making.” On the serious subjects he had handled, the ace director said that he liked to handle themes revolving around family values, social traditions and customs. “I always portrayed woman nobly,” he said.

Chatting about his latest movie ‘Subhapradam,' Dr. Viswanath said that the film handled family relationships, in particular the role of women. “I am anguished by the violence caused by ragging. I handled this theme as well,” he said. Executive director of Vignan Groups, Paturi Koteswara Rao hailed Dr. Viswanath as a brilliant film maker who transcended the boundaries of age and raised the art of film making to new heights. His most memorable film ‘Swatimutyam' was widely watched all over the world and at one point of time, it was found in shelves of every house in America. Principal of the college Paturi Radhika mentioned that the endings of his movies showed a solution to the problems.

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