For 23-year-old marketing executive K. Srinivas Murthy, driving a car on the highway is a passion. He underwent a 15-day training programme offered by an instructor for Rs.1,800. But he is not yet confident behind the wheels. He cannot reverse a car properly or park it in front of a showroom. He often struggles to start a car.

Mr. Murthy is not alone when it comes to those who failed to hone their driving skills. Reason: the city falls short of authorised driving schools. Most beginners depend on unauthorised trainers who impart training using raw methods.

Even after paying Rs.1,800 for the training, many are struggling to drive a car. Surprisingly, trainers are less interested in traffic and safety rules. “These instructors only focus on basics of driving a car,” complains Mr. Murthy.

Only two schools

There are two authorised driving schools in the city while others are operating without following norms prescribed by the Transport Department, say car owners.

Motor driving schools are supposed to give training about safety rules and equip themselves to impart safe driving skills. But in violation of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, most centres are taking learners and Transport Department for a ride.

Mithra Auto Agencies Private Limited CEO Ch. Srinivas says focus should be first laid on fundamentals through classroom sessions and later on driving habits and safety aspects. “We have to train learners on traffic signals and their importance in road safety. A simulator training is also essential for them to start a car, apply gears, clutch and brakes,” he explains.

However, many unauthorised instructors completely ignore the safety parameters. Learners will not only get proper training in 21-days but also obtain a certificate in an authorised driving school, adds. Mr. Srinivas.

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