153.4 mm recorded in the city, which is highest in the recent past

Normal life was thrown out of gear with heavy rain coupled with gales and winds that lashed the city from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. A rainfall of 153.4 mm was recorded in the city, which is highest in the recent past.

The rainwater inundated not just low-lying areas. Many roads turned into cesspools. Main roads including Eluru road, Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road, Tickkle Road and low-bridge were flooded causing severe inconvenience to two and four wheeler drivers. Despite unremitting showers, it was life as usual for the people who went about their daily chores. There were no heavy crowds on the roads but they were not deserted either. Some schools announced holiday, and office goers had a tough time as they had to wade through knee deep water.

The continuous downpour led within no time to water logging in parts of the city like One Town, Moghalrajapuram, Tikkle Road, Chuttugunta and along Route No.5. The incomplete road and drainage works in many parts of the city added to the chaos. The localities such as Kedareswarapeta, Giripuram, Polyclinic road, some parts of Payakapuram, and other low lying areas were inundated causing hardship to many families. The rain water entered houses and commercial complexes in Suryaraopet etc. The people in One Town were in grip of fear in view of experience two years ago. Most of the roads in One Town turned cesspools. Water entered houses sending shivers down the spine for people living there. However, water receded by afternoon bring respite to the people.

Trains delayed

In 2009, several main roads and localities of One Town, the old city of Vijayawada, remained submerged by rainwater for two days. The local people then described it as a hardship they have not experienced in the last four decades. The problem then arose as Gandhi hill and Nizam gate drains were choked.

The railway station witnessed 8.4 cm of rainfall in the early hours of the day leading to rain water stagnation on the tracks effecting track circuiting system and also signalling. Several trains ran beyond schedule.

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