In a landslip in the city four houses got damaged in the wee hours of Monday. One person was injured.

Huge boulders from nearby hill rolled down at Brahmananda Reddy Nagar on Vishalandhra Road damaging the houses.

In the incident, K. Ramana, a resident, who was taking rest in his house, suffered minor injuries.

The kitchens and toilets were completely damaged in the mishap damaging the household articles.

The residents said that the boulders began rolling down since Sunday night.

As such, local residents kept night-long vigil on the rolling boulders.

The recent rains had loosened the soil on some of them and it had become a regular affair by now.

The overnight vigil helped the residents in escaping unhurt, they said, adding, “we had no other alternative, so we were forced to stay put in our houses.”

The assessment of actual damage would be possible only after removing the debris, said municipal and revenue officials.

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