Speakers at the All India Peace and Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO) has stressed the need for maintaining unity and peace in India, as the imperialistic countries are planning to create unrest among people.

Intellectuals, representatives of various political parties, and members of the AIPSO participated in the 14 State conference held in the city on Sunday.

Addressing the day-long conference, AIPSO general secretary Pallav Sengupta said the organisation was holding conferences in all States to gear up the representatives of the AIPSO national-level meet to be held in Pondicherry from October 5.

The meeting will be conducted on the slogan ‘Struggle for Better India – Better World’, Mr. Sen said.

The AIPSO was a unique platform and consists of members from different sections, including doctors, scientists, businessmen, and educationists and the aim of the organisation was to enlighten the people on impending danger on increasing globalisation and imperialism, he said.

MLC K. Nageswar said there was a need to enlighten the people on penetration of imperialistic forces into India.

The dominating countries are making efforts to grab the natural resources, culture, technology and the wealth of other countries.

“America is mounting pressure on India seeking support for all its activities. There is a challenge before us on whether to support globalisation and liberalisation and the time has come to raise our voice. There was resentment among people in the US and European countries on some of their policies”, said Mr. Nageswar.

ANU Vice-Chancellor K. Viyyanna Rao said the living standards and lifestyle of the people should be improved to maintain peace and equality in the country.

“Poverty is the main problem that was haunting the people in India. About 42 per cent of the children are not getting nutritious diet and are anaemic”, he said. Former MLA and AIPSO leader K. Subba Raju presided. MLCs Yadava Reddy and Jelly Wilson, Y.V. Rao and others were present.