The stage is set for Vinayaka Chaviti celebrations in a big way. With just a few days to go for the festival, idol-makers are burning midnight oil to give finishing touches to the idols of Lord Ganesh, the demand for which has been increasing year after year.

“The demand for idols of the elephant-headed god is increasing every year,” says sculptor Ravi while loading the idols into waiting vehicles. The idols of Lord Ganesh in different shapes, sizes, colour and design are kept ready for loading on the Bypass Road.

The sculptors and other artists have been working round the clock since the middle of June. Mostly mud and plaster of Paris are used to make the idols.

A five-foot-high Ganesh idol costs Rs. 2,000 as against Rs. 1,500 last year. As the height increases, the cost increases several folds, the sculptor adds.

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